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Review of NFU Mutual Life Insurance

NFU Mutual offer a wide selection of life insurance policies, including Whole of Life, Term Insurance with Critical Illness, Term Insurance, and Family Income Benefit options. With this range, you’re likely to find a policy that fits your needs, and the company’s record for customer service certainly makes them worth considering if looking for a life insurance policy.

All of NFU Mutual’s policies are provided through AIG, meaning your life insurance will be backed by a name you can trust. So, let us take you through what NFU Mutual have on offer.

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  • Terminal illness cover
  • Choice of 4 different types of cover
  • Available on a range of different terms from 3 to up 70 years as well as whole of life
  • Joint policies are available
  • Discounts in premiums when renewing policies
  • Flexible policies
  • Cheaper plans have limited coverage
  • Have to call or go into a branch to get a quote

About NFU Mutual

NFU Mutual was formed in 1910, originally under the name Midlands Farmers Mutual Insurance Society Ltd. The purpose of the society was to drive up the membership of the National Farmers Union and was the brainchild of 7 local farmers who founded it. The majority of policies are provided through a network of agents largely based in rural areas, so it can be slightly harder to take out a policy if your nearest office is far away.

The company began offering life insurance in the 1920s, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that NFU Mutual started offering products outside of the farming industry. Now over half of their policies are provided to those outside the farming community, and NFU Mutual underwrite over £1 billion of insurance products in the UK.

How User-Friendly is NFU Mutual’s Insurance Buying Process?

When it comes to the NFU Mutual Insurance buying process, it’s a breeze! The company’s cutting-edge website offers a streamlined process for interested customers. All the crucial information is laid out clearly, making it a piece of cake even for those not exactly tech-savvy to buy insurance easily.

Secondly, if you’re the type who prefers human interaction and personalised advice, NFU Mutual has over 300 branches in the UK. There, friendly, knowledgeable representatives guide you through each step of the insurance purchase process. They’re not just there to sell policies but to provide advice tailor-made to your unique situation.

NFU Mutual Insurance Pricing: Value for Money?

When you think about NFU Mutual Insurance pricing, it’s about the value you get for your money. You may find some cheaper policies elsewhere, but when you factor in the level of service, coverage, and financial security that comes with NFU Mutual’s offerings, you’d realise it’s well worth it.

What’s more, NFU Mutual offers a range of discounts that can bring your premium costs down. These include no-claims discounts, multi-policy discounts, and security-related discounts, among others. This way, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth, without sacrificing the quality of coverage.

Understanding NFU Mutual’s Insurance Policy Terms

Navigating the small print can often be a nightmare. However, NFU Mutual Insurance policy understanding is simplified due to their comprehensive policy documents that are written in plain, easy-to-understand English.

The policy terms and conditions are communicated effectively by knowledgeable advisors who take great care to ensure that you fully understand them. In addition to that, NFU Mutual’s policy documentation is easily accessible online, anytime you want to brush up on various aspects of your policy.

A Look into NFU Mutual’s Insurance Customer Service

Talk about NFU Mutual customer service, and what stands out is their responsiveness and professionalism. They have a helpful and dedicated team ready to assist you with every query and concern.

The other thing to note is that NFU Mutual prides itself on its local approach to customer service. Each branch has a team of local advisors who are very knowledgeable about the area and its unique challenges. In a nutshell, their customer service is personal, considerate, and thoroughly professional.

NFU Mutual’s Claims Process: Fast and Fair?

Discussing the NFU Mutual claims process, it is primarily designed to be fast, fair, and straightforward. The company is committed to handling claims promptly and efficiently so that policyholders can get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

NFU Mutual aims to resolve most claims within two business days of receiving all necessary paperwork. More complicated claims can take longer, but the company keeps customers informed every step of the way. This rapid and transparent approach to claims marks NFU Mutual as a frontrunner in the marketplace.

Customer Opinions on NFU Mutual Insurance Products

A quick search will land you a ton of positive NFU Mutual customer opinions. Most policyholders appreciate the breadth and depth of the cover provided, as well as the exceptional customer service they receive from the local branches.

Many customers also commend the straightforward and fast claims process. There’s an overwhelming feeling of safety and trust inherent in NFU Mutual insurance products. The minor strikes against them are easily overshadowed by the high levels of customer satisfaction that they consistently achieve.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of NFU Mutual Insurance

Talking about NFU Mutual Insurance’s strengths and weaknesses, the company stands out for its wide range of insurance products, its commitment to personal, local service, and its fast and fair claims process.

Lamentably, NFU Mutual might not be suitable for everyone. Some might find their pricing slightly steep compared to budget competitors. Also, some customers have noted that they had to face long waiting times during claim settlements. However, given the overall positive customer reviews, these seem to be few and far between.

The Coverage You Get with NFU Mutual Insurance

The NFU Mutual coverage offerings are extensive. From car insurance to home insurance, from business insurance to life cover, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an insurance need that NFU Mutual can’t meet.

These policies come with a robust level of cover that is further customizable with optional add-ons. So, whether you’d like a basic safety net or a comprehensive coverage plan, NFU Mutual will have you covered.

NFU life insurance options: our honest breakdown

The first choice you are faced with when looking at this company’s life policies is around which type of life insurance to get quoted on. The different NFU life policies are Whole of Life, Term, Term with Critical Illness and Family Benefit.

These all offer different types of cover to meet varying needs. Whole of Life will pay out on death at any time. The term will pay out a lump sum on death or diagnosis of terminal illness during the chosen term, and Term with Critical Illness offers the same with the addition of a payout if diagnosed with a critical illness during the term. Family Benefit pays surviving family members a monthly income following the death of the insured person.

Terms and premiums vary from one type of policy to another and depending upon your own circumstances. If taking out a term policy, you can choose between level and decreasing cover to suit your needs. Quotes can be obtained directly from the NFU call centre or from a local branch.

The exact choice that you make will largely depend upon what you need to cover. If you want a policy that will definitely pay out, then Whole of Life gives this assurance but also tends to come with higher premiums. Term policies are generally ideal for covering a specific loan or expense, or making sure your family is covered if the worst were to happen in a specific time period.

Here’s a breakdown of the specific policies offered by NFU Mutual:


Term life insurance is cover that you take out for a set length of time and will pay out if you either die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness during the policy period. NFU Mutual give a very level of flexibility for how long this term can be (3-70 years), meaning it’s easy to get covered for a length of time that suits your needs.

With NFU you can take out term life insurance either level, decreasing, or increasing tem cover. With both level and decreasing policies, your premiums remain the same, but with the decreasing term, the cash payout reduces over time, whereas it stays fixed with a level term policy. Increasing term cover means your cash benefit rises by 5% each year, but your premiums also rise, often at a higher percentage than the benefit.

  • Terms can be set between 3 and 70 years.
  • The cover must end before the 90th birthday.
  • Pays out if critical illness is diagnosed during the term (with a life expectancy of 12 months or less).
  • Can be taken out as a single or joint policy.
  • Level, decreasing, and increasing term available.

Term with Critical Illness

NFU Mutual’s Term with Critical Illness policy is very similar to their Term cover, with (as you might expect) the addition of critical illness cover. The premiums for this policy will be significantly higher than regular Term cover, and the length of the term you can choose is also lower. Here are the specifics:

  • The term can be set between 3 and 50 years.
  • The cover must end at a maximum age of 86.
  • Terminal illness cover included (pay out if you are diagnosed with less than 12 months to live).
  • Pays out either the whole cash benefit or a percentage if diagnosed with a critical illness listed in the policy (size of payout depends on the severity of the condition).
  • Level, decreasing, and increasing term policies available.

Family Benefit

Instead of paying out a one-off cash sum in the event of your death or being diagnosed with a terminal illness, this policy provides your family with a monthly income until the end of the term of the cover. Like with NFU Mutual’s other term options, this policy can be taken out as level, decreasing, or increasing cover.

  • The term can be set between 3 and 70 years.
  • Available to people between 17 years and 86 (ending at a maximum age of 90).
  • Can be a level, decreasing, or increasing term policy.
  • Terminal illness diagnosis triggers pay-out when less than 12 months to live.
  • Pays out in monthly instalments to your family rather than as one cash lump sum.
  • If you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness, then your family will receive a monthly payout running until the end of the policy term.

Whole of Life

With a whole-of-life policy (commonly known as life assurance), your policy is guaranteed to pay out upon your death. There is no maximum length of term, your policy lasts as long as you keep paying the premiums. This policy can be taken out as level or increasing cover. With level cover, the policy payout is fixed, whereas with an increasing policy, your benefit will rise with the Retail Prices Index (RPI) up to a maximum of 10%.

  • No term, policy lasts for life.
  • Available for UK residents aged 17-84.
  • Premiums continue until the end of the policy.
  • Joint and single policy options are available.
  • Pays out on terminal illness diagnosis (12-month life expectancy or less).
  • Level and increasing cover available.

How NFU Mutual Insurance Stands Against Major Competitors

In the battle of NFU Mutual vs competitors, NFU Mutual holds its own quite comfortably. Its unique selling points include its local, personal service, a broad range of products, and a reputation for fair claims handling.

While some competitors might offer cheaper premiums, many won’t match NFU Mutual in terms of customer service, claims handling, or financial security. Through their personalised approach and robust coverage offerings, NFU Mutual presents a strong contender in a crowded marketplace.

Is NFU Mutual Insurance Worth the Investment?

So, is NFU Mutual’s investment worthiness? The resounding answer is yes! Sure, it might not be the cheapest insurance on the market, but the quality of service, the comprehensive cover, and the financial security you get seem to far outweigh any pricing concerns.

As a mutual organisation, NFU Mutual is owned and run for the benefit of its members, not distant shareholders. This means that they’re committed to act in the best interest of the policyholders always. So, if value for money is a top priority for you, then NFU Mutual Insurance could well be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1: How quick is NFU Mutual’s claims process?

Most claims are resolved within two working days of receiving all required paperwork. More complicated claims may take a little longer, but NFU Mutual keeps customers informed throughout the process.

Q2: Does NFU Mutual offer multi-policy discounts?

Yes, NFU Mutual does offer multi-policy discounts. Also, no-claim-discounts and special discounts related to security measures are part of their pricing strategy.

Q3: How many branches does NFU Mutual have in the UK?

NFU Mutual has over 300 branches in various parts of the UK.

Q4: What kind of insurance products does NFU Mutual offer?

NFU Mutual offers a wide range of insurance products, including car, home, business, and life insurance, among others.

Q5: How does NFU Mutual compare to its competitors?

NFU Mutual stands strong against its competitors with its wide range of insurance products, outstanding customer service and prompt, fair claims handling process. While premiums might be slightly higher, the overall quality of service renders it worth the extra cost.

NFU Mutual: conclusion

NFU Mutual offer a good range of products, and the flexibility of the length of their term options means that policies can be found to match anyone’s requirements. All their life insurance policies are provided through AIG, so you can be secure in the knowledge you’re dealing with a name you can trust.

All NFU Mutual policies also have flexible options in terms of the way policy payouts work. Being able to take out level, decreasing, or increasing term policies (and level or increasing whole of life cover) gives you a lot of choices. It is worth noting with increasing cover, however, that your premiums are likely to rise at a higher rate than your cash benefit, so it’s important to read the small print.

As NFU Mutual is run through its network of agents, to get a quote you’ll have to call them or go into your local branch. This can make the process take slightly longer, and it means it’s hard for us to give accurate estimates of the premiums and payouts you can expect, but does also mean you’re likely to end up with guidance to the right policy for you. If you like the look of NFU Mutual’s policies, click below to start the process of getting a quote.

Life is unpredictable; hence, insurance is indispensable. With a myriad of coverage options available, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. But with NFU Mutual, you don’t just get insurance; you get peace of mind. At Pure Cover, we certainly give NFU Mutual a thumbs up, given the quality of their products, their local, friendly service, and their commitment to making the insurance process as smooth as possible.

Andrew Richardson is a highly respected expert in UK life insurance, with over 25 years of industry experience. Holding an honours degree from the London School of Economics and being a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, Andrew has made significant contributions to the field, including developing ground-breaking life insurance products. Known for his ability to simplify complex life insurance concepts, he regularly shares his insights through articles and workshops, empowering people to make informed decisions about their life insurance needs. His commitment to client service, education, and staying at the forefront of industry advancements solidifies his reputation as a trusted and leading figure in UK life insurance.

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About Andrew Richardson

Andrew Richardson, an accomplished expert in UK life insurance, brings to the table a wealth of knowledge amassed over 25 years in the industry. Andrew holds an honours degree in Business and Finance from the London School of Economics and is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute. He has dedicated his career to ensuring his clients receive the best possible advice and solutions to safeguard their futures.

Embarking on his career in London’s bustling finance district, Andrew’s unique ability to unravel and simplify the complexities of life insurance policies became evident. This skill, coupled with his intuitive understanding of market dynamics, led him to hold high-ranking positions in some of the country’s most well-respected insurance firms.

Renowned for his industry-leading expertise, Andrew has shared his valuable insights through articles in prestigious publications such as The Economist, The Telegraph, and the Financial Times. He has significantly contributed to shaping public understanding of life insurance by presenting complex information in an accessible and digestible format.

Notably, as a former Director of Life Insurance Products at a top insurance company, Andrew played a key role in the development and launch of ground-breaking life insurance products. These innovative policies have since become industry standards, demonstrating the significant impact of Andrew’s work.

Andrew’s commitment to educating the public on life insurance doesn’t stop at his writing. He frequently conducts workshops and seminars throughout the UK, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their life insurance plans. His ability to present complex information in a clear, easy-to-understand manner has made these sessions highly sought after.

Beyond his professional achievements, Andrew actively utilises his expertise to support charitable causes, offering his knowledge of life insurance to help non-profit organisations secure their financial futures.

Always at the cutting edge of industry advancements, Andrew continually upgrades his knowledge, ensuring he offers the most current, relevant, and reliable advice to his clients. His unwavering dedication to professional growth has cemented his status as an industry leader in life insurance.

Andrew Richardson is more than just an insurance expert; he is a trusted advisor, a visionary product developer, and an invaluable asset to anyone seeking guidance on their life insurance needs. His deep knowledge, innovative spirit, and tireless commitment to client service make him an irreplaceable figure in the UK’s life insurance landscape.

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Andrew Richardson

Andrew Richardson is a highly respected expert in UK life insurance, with over 25 years of industry experience. Holding an honours degree from the London School of Economics and being a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, Andrew has made significant contributions to the field, including developing ground-breaking life insurance products. Known for his ability to simplify complex life insurance concepts, he regularly shares his insights through articles and workshops, empowering people to make informed decisions about their life insurance needs. His commitment to client service, education, and staying at the forefront of industry advancements solidifies his reputation as a trusted and leading figure in UK life insurance.

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