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Review of Royal London Life Insurance

Royal London is the largest life insurance and pensions provider in the UK with 5 million customers. Royal London has been around since 1861. Royal London insurance plans start at affordable premiums and have an excellent staff of advisers to guide you through their different policy options. Below is the Royal London life insurance review.

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  • Fixed Premiums
  • Terminal Illness coverage included
  • Simple application process
  • Quick, free quotes
  • Apply from mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Plans start at 17p per day

About Royal London

In UK Royal London is the largest pension and mutual life insurance company. The Royal London insurance review delivered by Defaqto, an independent life insurance ratings agency, gave it 5 stars.

According to the Royal London insurance website, their policy advisers are readily available to work one-on-one guiding customers through the details of their different plan options. The company does employ about 2,900 people throughout the UK.

How User-Friendly is Royal London’s Insurance Buying Process?

As a veteran in the insurance industry, Royal London seems to understand quite well the importance of a user-friendly buying process. We have discovered that the company has put a great effort into ensuring that its insurance policies are easy to comprehend and acquire. For instance, the layout of their website is straightforward and is designed to allow you to navigate different sections with ease.

If you aren’t one for online purchases, they also offer the option of talking directly to a customer care agent. You get to discuss your insurance needs with a real human and receive personalised advice based on your individual circumstances. This kind of flexibility makes Royal London’s insurance buying process a walk in the park, even for an insurance newbie.

Royal London Insurance Pricing: Value for Money?

Determining if Royal London provides value for money requires a close look at their policies vis-à-vis the pricing. Of course, what constitutes ‘value’ is relative and largely depends on the individual buyer’s needs and preferences. However, even with this in mind, to say that Royal London provides value for money wouldn’t be far-fetched.

Their premiums are competitively priced, often falling within the industry’s average. The beauty of their pricing lies, not so much in the cost, but in the flexibility. Royal London allows customers to adjust their premium payments to suit their financial situation. They also offer robust policies, from life insurance to pension products, which provide extensive coverage, making the price worthwhile.

Understanding Royal London’s Insurance Policy Terms

In the world of insurance, many a time policy terms can feel like an alien language. Luckily, Royal London attempts to simplify their policy terms as much as possible. The company breaks down the jargon and uses layman’s language whenever possible, making it easier for customers to understand what they’re signing up for.

Despite these efforts, it’s also true that insurance terms can sometimes still wind up confusing. In such cases, their exceptional customer service comes to the rescue. You can reach out for any enquiries or clarification regarding perplexing terms. They’re always ready to walk you through every detail to ensure you fully grasp the terms of your policy.

A Look into Royal London’s Insurance Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Royal London stands tall among its counterparts. It takes more than just answering phone calls for a company to claim they have good customer service, and Royal London seems to understand this tenet. They appear to have invested significantly in customer service—with a toll-free number and a dedicated email support channel in place.

Moreover, the fact that they provide specialised customer service for the hard of hearing via Text Relay is a testament to their all-inclusive approach. Whether you want to make a claim, make an amendment to your policy, or even just ask a simple question, you can expect a swift and professional response.

Royal London’s Claims Process: Fast and Fair?

Like any policyholder, you’ll want to know that if you ever need to make a claim, your insurer will handle it quickly and fairly. Based on our research and review, Royal London has a solid reputation when it comes to the claims process. They focus on achieving a fast and efficient resolution to ensure you overcome the incident that led to a claim as soon as possible.

From filling the claim form to receiving your payout, Royal London ensures every step is streamlined and straightforward. But it’s not just about speed. Royal London is renowned for treating their clients’ claims with the utmost fairness, so you can enter into an agreement confidently, knowing you’re in good hands.

Customer Opinions on Royal London Insurance Products

Opinions and reviews from existing customers have always been a good way to gauge any product’s worth. In the case of Royal London, it’s hardly surprising that customer opinions are largely positive. Many cite the company’s excellent and understanding customer service that’s always ready to help whenever needed.

Their insurance products, particularly the Over 50s life insurance plan, receive a lot of praise for their comprehensive coverage and affordability. The flexibility that comes with their premiums also doesn’t go unnoticed among customers. Undoubtedly, the consistent positive feedback from real customers is a feather in the cap for Royal London.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Royal London Insurance

The positive aspects of Royal London insurance definitely outweigh the negatives. Among their key strengths is the wide range of insurance products they offer. Their competitive pricing and flexible premiums add up to make their offerings quite attractive. Customer service is also top-notch with a proven track record in the claims process.

On the flip side, one common gripe that customers have is about their website. Not all policies are available for purchase online, forcing clients to make over-the-phone purchases. Also, while their premiums are competitive, there are cheaper options on the market for those extremely budget-conscious.

The Coverage You Get with Royal London Insurance

With Royal London, you can expect comprehensive coverage that suits your specific needs. Their variety of insurance products cover multiple areas, be it life insurance, funeral plans or retirement pensions. Their Over 50’s Life Cover plan, for instance, offers lifelong coverage without any need for medical screening.

The coverage is designed to protect you against unforeseen events of life and offer peace of mind. From policies that pay out lump sums to those that replace an income stream, they have got every base covered. All their policy wording is transparent to ensure you know exactly what you’re covered for without any hidden loopholes.

Life Insurance Offers at Royal London

Royal London life insurance policies are protection policies only, meaning they have no cash-in value. Coverage varies by plan, but they have three types of basic coverage plans.

Level Cover has a maximum cover amount of £350,000. Your monthly payments as well as your payout amount stay the same for the policy’s term, so you can use it to clear a mortgage or use it to support dependents.

Decreasing Cover of the Royal London insurance has a maximum cover amount of £350,000 as well. The payout amount decreases over the policy’s term, but monthly payments stay the same. Your premium is usually more affordable than Level Cover, however, this may not be enough coverage, particularly if you have a mortgage with an interest rate above 7%.

Family Income Benefit pays out a fixed amount to your beneficiary each month, with a maximum of £2,500 per month. Payments continue until the end of the policy.

Terminal illness coverage is included. Royal London terminal illness insurance pays you out upon a terminal illness diagnosis that has no cure and is expected to lead to death within one year.

Monthly premiums will never increase. Royal London insurance plans start at £3.95 per month.

Insurance Options: Our Honest Breakdown

Royal London insurance comes with different coverage options. Both Life Insurance and Over 50s Life Cover can be applied for online. On Fairer Finance, an independent consumer finance website, the Royal London life insurance review showed a 72% satisfaction score.

Life Insurance

Royal London life insurance protection pays out to your family in the event of your death. It’s offered as Level Cover or Decreasing Cover of up to £350,000 or a Family Income Benefit of up to £2,500 per month.

You must be between the ages of 18-70 to apply. Monthly payments start at £5.

Your premiums are fixed as well with Royal London insurance, so this means that they will never increase as long as your policy is still in place. At no additional cost, terminal illness coverage is included.

Quick, free quotes are offered online, and most people are only asked 2 health questions throughout the application process.

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Over 50s Life Cover

Royal London insurance policies offer Over 50s Life Cover starting at only £3.95 per month. Common reasons for taking out Over 50s Life Cover are to help with funeral costs or taxes involved in giving a gift to the family.

This plan offers coverage for life, and acceptance is guaranteed for UK residents who are 50-80 years of age. They also offer the flexibility to reduce your monthly payments. You are covered immediately for accidental death within the first year, and you receive full cover after the first year.

Royal London insurance may offer bigger payouts for Over 50s Life Cover than many other providers. According to their website review, Royal London life insurance paid out more than SunLife 95% of the time in July 2016.

The policy also offers a funeral benefit option, which allows your payout to go directly to funeral services and includes an extra £300 toward funeral costs.

Advised Life Insurance

Rather than apply online, you can also discuss and receive Royal London life insurance and protection plans with one of their financial advisers. This is for people who aren’t quite sure what coverage they need.

The Personal Menu Plan they offer lets you customize your Royal London insurance coverage a bit more, choosing different types of cover for different lengths of time depending on your needs. It can include Life Cover, Critical Illness Cover, and Income Protection.

Their Advised Life Insurance also includes a waiver of your premium in certain circumstances that render you unable to make your monthly payments, practical and emotional help and advising, and an option for Unemployment Cover which insures up to 55% of your pre-tax earnings up to £36,000 per year.

Although Royal London life insurance review has shown that it is not the best-ranked life insurance in the UK overall, it is highly rated and has many pros. Their Over 50s Life Cover is one of the best policies available.

How Royal London Insurance Stands Against Major Competitors

In the crowded industry of insurance, every company seeks its own niche, and Royal London is no exception. Widely recognised for its longstanding reputation of over 150 years, the company does well in comparison against its major competitors. Royal London offers a unique blend of quality policies, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.

While other companies may offer cheaper plans, Royal London’s attention to customer service and claim efficiency gives it a competitive edge. Additionally, their tailored and comprehensive coverage options provide solutions for diverse customer needs. It is this balance of cost, service and quality that arguably sets Royal London above its competitors.

Is Royal London Insurance Worth the Investment?

So, is it worth putting your hard-earned money into a Royal London insurance policy? As unbiased third-party reviewers, we would say a resounding “yes.” The overall consensus among customers and industry evaluators is that Royal London offers significant value for money.

Their insurance solutions offer comprehensive cover that assures peace of mind. The purchasing process is easy and their customer service experience is commendable. If you’re looking for an insurance company that strikes the right balance between cost-effectiveness and quality service, then Royal London is worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who is Royal London Insurance suitable for?

Royal London insurance is tailored to meet the needs of a broad range of clientele. With diverse products from life insurance to pension plans, anyone looking for comprehensive coverage will find their offering suitable. Their retirement solutions can be particularly appealing to those planning their post-retirement life.

How fast does Royal London process claims?

In general, Royal London aims to resolve claims as quickly as possible, although the exact timeline may vary depending on the specific circumstances of the claim. Based on customer reviews, most claims are processed in a timely manner—often within few weeks.

Does Royal London require a medical exam for their life insurance products?

Not all their life insurance products require a medical exam. For instance, their Over 50’s Life Cover provides immediate coverage without any need for medical screening. However, for some insurance products, a medical exam may be required as part of the underwriting process.

Is Royal London’s customer service reliable?

Absolutely. Royal London has a robust customer service platform that aims to resolve any issues that customers may face swiftly. They offer multiple channels to contact them, including phone and email, and even a specialised service for the hard of hearing.

What sets Royal London apart from other insurance companies?

What arguably sets Royal London apart from other insurers is its balance of cost, service, and product quality. The company offers a broad range of insurance products at competitive prices, coupled with exceptional customer service. They also simplify insurance terms as much as possible, making it easy for customers to understand what they’re buying.

We thoroughly developed the Royal London life insurance review for you to understand the pros and cons of it. If we dealt with your concerns, get your free quote now

Andrew Richardson is a highly respected expert in UK life insurance, with over 25 years of industry experience. Holding an honours degree from the London School of Economics and being a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, Andrew has made significant contributions to the field, including developing ground-breaking life insurance products. Known for his ability to simplify complex life insurance concepts, he regularly shares his insights through articles and workshops, empowering people to make informed decisions about their life insurance needs. His commitment to client service, education, and staying at the forefront of industry advancements solidifies his reputation as a trusted and leading figure in UK life insurance.

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About Andrew Richardson

Andrew Richardson, an accomplished expert in UK life insurance, brings to the table a wealth of knowledge amassed over 25 years in the industry. Andrew holds an honours degree in Business and Finance from the London School of Economics and is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute. He has dedicated his career to ensuring his clients receive the best possible advice and solutions to safeguard their futures.

Embarking on his career in London’s bustling finance district, Andrew’s unique ability to unravel and simplify the complexities of life insurance policies became evident. This skill, coupled with his intuitive understanding of market dynamics, led him to hold high-ranking positions in some of the country’s most well-respected insurance firms.

Renowned for his industry-leading expertise, Andrew has shared his valuable insights through articles in prestigious publications such as The Economist, The Telegraph, and the Financial Times. He has significantly contributed to shaping public understanding of life insurance by presenting complex information in an accessible and digestible format.

Notably, as a former Director of Life Insurance Products at a top insurance company, Andrew played a key role in the development and launch of ground-breaking life insurance products. These innovative policies have since become industry standards, demonstrating the significant impact of Andrew’s work.

Andrew’s commitment to educating the public on life insurance doesn’t stop at his writing. He frequently conducts workshops and seminars throughout the UK, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their life insurance plans. His ability to present complex information in a clear, easy-to-understand manner has made these sessions highly sought after.

Beyond his professional achievements, Andrew actively utilises his expertise to support charitable causes, offering his knowledge of life insurance to help non-profit organisations secure their financial futures.

Always at the cutting edge of industry advancements, Andrew continually upgrades his knowledge, ensuring he offers the most current, relevant, and reliable advice to his clients. His unwavering dedication to professional growth has cemented his status as an industry leader in life insurance.

Andrew Richardson is more than just an insurance expert; he is a trusted advisor, a visionary product developer, and an invaluable asset to anyone seeking guidance on their life insurance needs. His deep knowledge, innovative spirit, and tireless commitment to client service make him an irreplaceable figure in the UK’s life insurance landscape.

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Andrew Richardson

Andrew Richardson is a highly respected expert in UK life insurance, with over 25 years of industry experience. Holding an honours degree from the London School of Economics and being a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, Andrew has made significant contributions to the field, including developing ground-breaking life insurance products. Known for his ability to simplify complex life insurance concepts, he regularly shares his insights through articles and workshops, empowering people to make informed decisions about their life insurance needs. His commitment to client service, education, and staying at the forefront of industry advancements solidifies his reputation as a trusted and leading figure in UK life insurance.

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