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How to get life insurance if you have cancer

Cancer is the second deadliest diseases in the world, with nearly 1 in 6 deaths being due to it (8.8 million people worldwide), and the numbers are not looking promising. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “the number of new cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next 2 decades.” Just in the UK, there were 356,860 new cases of cancer in 2014. 45% of them resulted in deaths. According to a French study, the annual economic cost in 2010 was approximately over £850,000,000! It is a common trend to protect yourself with cancer insurance if you are prone to cancer to receive life insurance cancer payout in the most tragic event.

For Cancer Patients

Lots of information, lots of numbers to process. If you are reading this, it’s probably because you or someone that you love is currently struggling with this issue. You don’t need more statistics; you already know them all. If that is your case, then you have already had the first-hand experience of how difficult and exhausting the situation can be. You have spent more hours than you can count in a waiting room, reading all the flyers with the info mentioned above.

There isn’t really a way to soften the blow of cancer affecting your life, whether directly or indirectly. But there are some ways to help to deal with the situation so it feels less frightening. Our team aims to reduce your struggle with a constant update on cancer insurance quotes. At PureCover we understand that it’s a tough battle, which is why we want to help. We offer best life insurance, cancer inclusive policies.

Can You Get Life Insurance with Cancer disease?

Who says you can’t? There is a social stigma surrounding critical diseases, but truth is that insurances were companies made for people, by people – they adapt to your needs, whatever they are, which is why there will always exist a cancer insurance plan for you.

Is My Type Of Cancer Eligible?

Yes. There are over one hundred types of cancer, but it isn’t the type what determines your eligibility. Beyond the diagnosis, it is the particular evolution of each patient throughout the process what matters to us. Since every person’s body reacts differently, we evaluate all the cases individually.

Am I More Likely To Be Accepted In The Early Stages?

Yes. Early diagnosis is the key to a successful recovery and remission. Cancer is not a synonym for death – but it is indeed a long process that indeed requires intensive work to be able to overcome it, and it should not be underestimated. It is difficult, but not impossible. To ease your battle, we are giving you a peace of mind by providing best life and cancer insurance quotes.

What If My Diagnosis Is Not Promising?

Even if you have a negative mindset, we encourage you to evaluate your case individually with all the required paperwork and data so we can determine whether or not your cancer insurance application is eligible.

How do I apply to get Cancer Insurance?

When you apply to a life insurance with cancer provider, they will want to know the following details about your condition:

  • The date of your diagnosis
  • Any medication or treatment you are currently on
  • The stage of the cancer
  • Your weight, height and measurements
  • Any other physical problems you suffer from that could further affect your health

What Type Of Treatment Does It Cover?

Immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are the most common treatments for cancer since they are processing that build up in your body to see improvements according to your diagnosis. However, in some cases, surgery may be needed, and most plans cover it as well as the other types of treatment.

Am I eligible for Life Insurance Cancer Payout?

To receive your cancer payout with your life insurance, you will need to make sure your cancer type is supported by your cancer insurance. Life insurance with cancer may require more details than the usual form of insurance, however, cancer insurance is made to help you and your loved ones to deal with the problem, hence policies are tailored specifically for you. If your details are up to date and sufficient, you will be eligible for your life insurance cancer payout.

How can I get covered now?

This one's easy! Click the button below to get yourself a free life insurance with cancer inclusive quote.

If you believe Pure Cover can help you with your battle by offering top cancer insurance providers, don't hesitate to request your free life insurance with cancer inclusive quote right now!