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Compare the best free gift life insurance offers in 2018

Get yourself life insurance with a free gift today. With the right insurer, you can get your hands on great bonus gifts - anything from Apple Watches to Parker Pens and gift cards worth £100s.

You can find a list of the best free gift life insurance deals currently on offer right here:

List of the best free gifts, sorted by company & deal value
Deal Rating Company Free Gift Quote
1 £35-180 gift card
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2 £75 gift card
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3 £25-120 gift card
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Increased competition between UK life insurance providers has led to the largest companies having to up their game to attract customers, which is great news for anyone taking out life insurance.

There’s no catch. Free gifts have no hidden extra charges, they’re just a complimentary bonus offered as bonuses when you take out a policy.

Don’t get distracted though, remember the amount of coverage a policy offers and its premium rate are still the main factors when it comes to life protection.

That being said, there are many great policies that come with free gifts if you know where to look. Here you can learn more about life insurance policies that come with free gifts, and get a quote to see if one is right for you.

Which life insurance companies offer the best free gifts?

1. Direct Line

Free gift

Up to £180 e-gift card (Amazon, B&Q, or M&S) with a Direct Line Term Life Insurance policy, depending on the size of your premiums.


  • The gift cards for each premium band are:
    • £6 - £10 premium: £35 gift card
    • £10.01 - £20 premium: £60 gift card
    • £20.01 - £30 premium: £120 gift card
    • £30.01 or higher premium: £180 gift card
  • Policies are provided by Legal & General.
  • You are eligible for a gift card after having had your policy for 6 months.
  • Cannot claim gift card if you miss a premium payment in the first 6 months of the policy.
  • Not available if you have previously cancelled a Legal & General policy.

2. Legal & General

Free gift

Either a £75 Amazon gift card, or a £75 M&S e-gift card when buying Life Insurance or Decreasing Life Insurance (without Critical Illness) on or before 30th November 2018.


  • Not available to cashback customers.
  • Not offered for customers who have cancelled a Life Insurance or Decreasing Life Insurance policy (with or without Critical Illness) in the past 18 months.
  • You are eligible for the gift card 6 months after policy start date (and you must claim your free gift card within 12 months).
  • Policy must be taken out on or before 20th Novenmber 2018

3. Churchill

Free gift

Up to £120 gift card (Amazon, Argos, or M&S) when taking out a Churchill Term Life Insurance Policy, depending on the size of your premiums.


  • The gift cards available for each premium band are:
    • £6 - £10 premium: £25 gift card
    • £10.01 - £20 premium: £40 gift card
    • £20.01 - £30 premium: £80 gift card
    • £30.01 or higher premium: £120 gift card
  • Policies are provided by Legal & General.
  • You are eligible for a gift card 4 months after the policy starts.
  • Cannot claim gift card if you miss a premium payment in the first 4 months.
  • Not available if you have previously cancelled a Legal & General policy.

4. Zurich

Free gift

Up to £100 in Love2Shop vouchers using the code ‘ZOFFERS’ when buying a life insurance policy online.


  • The value of your gift card is determined by the combined value of your first six months’ premium payments (up to £100).
  • Policies must start before 1st April 2019.
  • You can claim your gift card after paying 6 monthly premiums.

5. Aviva

Free gift

£50 M&S voucher when taking out an over 50s policy.


  • Vouchers will be sent to you after you have paid your 4th premium payment.
  • You are not eligible if you have cancelled an Aviva policy in the last year.
  • Your policy must be bought directly from Aviva.

6. Vitality

Free gift

Up to £300 off Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch 3 models. Apple Watch Series 4 GPS and Apple Watch Nike+ Series 4 GPS from just £99, and Apple Watch Series 3 GPS models from £9 with life insurance policies. Monthly payments then range from £0 to £12.50 depending on the amount of Vitality activity points you earn each month.


  • Apple Watch Series 4 starts at £399 so you’ll make an initial upfront payment of £99 for 40mm models or £129 for 44mm models, followed by 24 monthly payments of between £0 and £12.50.
  • Your monthly payment towards your watch will be between £0 and £12.50 depending on your level of activity during the previous month.
  • To fund your watch fully, you’ll need to earn 160 Vitality activity points a month.
  • To be eligible you'll need to add Wellness Optimiser or Vitality Optimiser to your VitalityLife policy at £3.80 per month
  • Your policy must have a minimum monthly premium of £30 for a single policy and £40 for a joint policy.

7. Shepherds Friendly

Free gift

£50 Love2Shop voucher with every over 50s life insurance plan that has premiums between £10 and £50 a month.


  • Your voucher will be sent to you by email once you have paid your 6th premium payment.
  • You will only receive your gift card if you provide a valid email address.
  • The policy you take out must have premiums between £10 and £50.

8. Sunlife

Free gift

£100 Love2Shop voucher for new customers applying online.


  • Eligible for gift card after 3 premium payments. (The first month is free so you will receive your gift card after 4 months of your policy).
  • Only available if you apply for your policy online.
  • If you apply by post, you can claim a £75 gift card.

9. Beagle Street

Free gift

Free will writing service (worth £150) with all life insurance policies.


  • You can claim your free will as soon as you have taken out your policy.

Is life insurance with a free gift actually worth it?

The answer to this question can be found by asking yourself: is the policy worth it? A free present is a great bonus, but don’t allow it to distract you from the details of a particular policy; you don’t want to end up with £1000s less coverage in exchange for a £150 gift card. Find yourself a great life insurance with a free gift policy for the best of both worlds.

What kind of gifts can I expect?

Gift cards

These are the most common form of free gift, and some companies will even give you a choice of what voucher you receive. Commonly the value of these offers ranges from £50 to £150 and includes shops such as:

  • Marks & Spencers
  • Amazon
  • Argos
  • Vouchers valid in many stores, such as LoveToShop.

Laptops, tablets and TVs

You will very occasionally find policies offering high-end items like a laptop, tablet/ipad, and TVs as free gifts, but from our research these are usually unavailable. There's a good trick if you’re on the lookout for a deal like this: take out a policy with a high-value gift card (from say Amazon or Argos) and then you can use that to buy or contribute to the cost of a pricey gadget.

Smartwatches/fitness gadgets

You can find life insurance policies with free smartwatches and fitness gadgets (such as fitbits). Well, almost free. These policies often work through having additional monthly payments, but setting the rate of these payments by along with how active you are. There’ll be different bands, but commonly if you hit your 10,000 steps a day across the course of the month, the extra monthly payment drops to £0. It’s a bit like taking out a payment plan tied to the activity of your lifestyle. You can find policies that offer either discounts or free options on products such as:

  • Apple watches
  • Fitbits
  • Garmin products
  • Misfit devices

Cinema Tickets

Life insurance policies with free cinema tickets generally work as reward schemes during the term of the policy rather than as a bonus when you take a policy put. Often they will be tied to policies that offer free smartwatches, and free cinema tickets are awarded for hitting a fitness goal (e.g. a certain number of steps) every week. With the right policy you can currently get two-for-one tickets at these cinema chains:

  • Vue
  • Cineworld

Half price gym memberships

Life insurance companies want you to be healthy, which is why you can find life insurance policies that get you up to half price on gym memberships. Some of the gyms that are part of such policies include:

  • Virgin Active
  • Nuffield Health
  • David Lloyd

Generic gifts

Different gifts are constantly being added to certain policies, and they come in a wide variety of forms. You’ll often see policies around that offer:

  • Nice stationary (e.g. Parker pens)
  • Branded mugs
  • Cuddly toys.

Different providers will offer different free gifts with their policies, so it’s good to shop around.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Really. In fact you’ll find free gifts being offered by some of the largest insurance providers out there because they’re able to negotiate with large retailers to get great products to offer. This means that not only do life insurance with free gifts policies not have a catch, they’re often some of the best value policies around.

Who is eligible for cover with a free gift?

Anyone can take out a life insurance with a free gift. These policies have the same range of options you’ll find with standard life cover policies. Our reviews will help you find the best policies that you’re eligible for.

Can you get free gifts with over 50s insurance?

Yes, many over 50s life insurance policies offer free gifts when you sign up.The gifts on offer range from useful items, such as expensive pens, to vouchers worth over £100 which you can spend in a variety of shops.

Where can I find a policy with a free gift?

You can use Pure Cover’s reviews to help cut through all the jargon and find the best life insurance with free gifts. If you want to get a quote immediately, then you can go to to get an accurate quote online, or quickly fill in our form and we’ll get one of the best life insurers in the industry to call you within minutes to find you the perfect policy.