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  • Compare UK life insurers
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  • Find the right quote for you
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  • 100% free quotes

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Life Insurance pays out a predetermined lump sum, Critical Illness also pays if you're diagnosed with a range of illnesses and Whole covers you for your whole life.
Life insurance is mainly taken out to cover debts such as mortgages. This means you should roughly cover for the amount of debt you might leave to a loved one.
This is essentially how long you would like your plan to cover you for. Most people base their term amount on something like the remaining years left on their mortgage.
In order to get the most accurate life insurance quote, insurers need to know if you smoke or have smoked in the last 12 months (inc. Vapes and Patches).

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How to find life insurance quotes online

The only way to get an accurate life insurance quote is through submitting your details and then discussing a policy with a trained insurance broker. If you find a site that gives you a quote purely on information filled in online, it is extremely likely that the amount your cover will cost you will be higher than that quote.

Where can I get free, instant life insurance quotes online?

Right here. We understand that nobody wants their time wasted, which is why our focus is always on ensuring that getting a quote is as quick and easy as possible. Our form above only takes a couple of minutes to fill in, and you’ll receive a call from one of our brokers almost instantly after hitting “submit” to get an exact quote.

Should I be comparing quotes?

You should always be comparing in order to find the best deal, however in the realm of insurance it can be very hard to obtain precise quotes to compare. That’s where we come in. Our brokers are experts in life protection; they will be able to find life insurance quotes for you which offer all the cover you need.

Why can't I get an exact price quote online?

It can be one of the most frustrating aspects of getting life coverage that accurate quotes cannot be found purely online. Without descending into technical jargon this is because of the number of factors that must be considered by insurers before they offer a policy.

For this reason, we work hard to make sure you receive an accurate, reliable life insurance quotes within minutes from one of our brokers.

Can I get a quote without providing medical information?

Yes, it is possible to get life insurance quotes both with and without medical checks. For people in certain circumstances, such as those with very inflexible work schedules, getting a policy that doesn’t require seeing a doctor can be a convenient option. These policies do tend to be more expensive however, but if you think that this might be the right option for you then you can find more information here.

Are life insurance quotes free?

It depends on the provider, but our life insurance quotes are completely free and come with no obligation to buy through us. We want you to choose us because we find you the best deal, not because we’ve tied you into buying a policy by charging you upfront just to find out how much your premiums will be.

How do I know my quotes will be competitive?

Because we wouldn’t be doing our job if they weren’t. Our brokers know everything there is to know about life cover, including the companies who overcharge for policies that can be found cheaper elsewhere. If you take the time to fill in the form above and have a quick chat with one of our team we guarantee you’ll be happy with the life insurance quotes you receive.

Can I get a quote without providing personal information?

It is impossible to get a life insurance quote without providing at least some personal information. Our forms are designed to require the least amount of information necessary in order to allow our brokers to get you the best possible deal. Nobody wants to divulge all their personal details either online or over the phone, so we work hard not to be intrusive.

Who can get life insurance quotes?

Everyone. For specific policies see here:

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