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Types of Life Insurance


Life Insurance

Life Insurance makes sure that money is not a burden for your loved ones after you're gone.


Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover pays your loved ones a lump-sum in the event of you becoming seriously ill and can no longer work.


Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance makes sure that you still have an income if something happens to you.


Pure Cover helped me to find the best value life insurance for my specific needs. I'm extremely pleased to have finally found my perfect life insurance provider, and Pure Cover made that happen.

John Pilsner


“I was very satisfied with how my husband’s arrangements were dealt with. It was one less thing I had to worry about and it allowed me to spend more time with my daughter and grandchildren.”

Ruth Spencer-Moore


Since having a baby, my husband and I knew we had to get life insurance. This was a very simple process and the monthly payment is reasonable for the amount of coverage we have.

Fiona Davidson


I saved more money compared to the other quotes I received. Highly reccommended!

Lim Wei Shen


Who Is It For?


Children's Life Insurance

The value of life insurance for parents is obvious, but why not get life insurance for your children?


Joint Life Insurance

When you’re building a life with someone, it only makes sense to seek out a life insurance policy that can cover you both.


Diabetic's Life Insurance

Many believe that having diabetes means they can’t be covered by life insurance, but that isn’t true.


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