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Getting life insurance as a member of the armed forces

There is a negative stigma about the military that has been magnified over the pass of years. Some accusations hold the truth in them, but they should be held against the institution per se and not every individual that is part of it. Many people in the army are committed citizens, who hold high standards and ideas regarding what society should be, and actively put effort to make the changes that they want, happen.

Regardless of personal points of view on the matter, army people have lives too. Families, loved ones, friends, people who look forward to them coming back home. Those in the army should have military life insurance protection just like everyone else.

Putting a moral duty over personal needs, whether logical or illogical according to one’s perspectives, is a crossroad.

About Military Life Insurance

A bulletin from the UK's Ministry of Defence showed the following stats:

"Overall, there were no differences between veterans’ and non-veterans’ self-reported general health, and health conditions, for example, 35% of veterans and 36% of non-veterans aged 16-64, and 18% of veterans and 19% of non-veterans aged 65+ reported their general health as very good. However, veterans of working age (aged 16-64) who have previously smoked were significantly more likely to report suffering from chest and breathing problems, mental illness, or depression."

These stats do not mean “doom” for soldiers who smoke – it is understandable how stressful the active life can be and all the methods to cope with it are valid. What we want you to know is that you are more exposed to danger if you do so, and since you are an active member, you probably won’t qualify for an Insurance for Smokers. Therefore, having a plan to watch your back would be a solid strategy for you to follow. And here at Pure Cover, we have just the right answer for you; Military life insurance. Some quote provider might even offer a military life insurance with a free table as a gift.

Do I Need To Change Plans If I Quit the Army or Am Discharged?

Once in the army, always in the army, or that is what some say. Though technically you could maintain the plan as a veteran, military life insurance is designed for active soldiers (on duty). We would recommend switching to plans such as Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance that would fit better to your new needs.

Does Military Life Insurance Cover Therapy for PTSD when I return?

Some do. Talking about therapy is complicated since there are several types of psychological approaches for PTSD. Depending on the company and the person’s diagnosis and type of therapy needed, we could find the perfect plan that adapted itself to your needs. It is still worth considering military life insurance; free tablet might be gifted as a part of your policy compensating lack of PTSD treatment.

What If I Am Killed In Action or Go Missing?

Since it’s a possibility, this plan was arranged so you avoided concerning your family with these matters in such a difficult moment. Your relatives will be informed and the funerary expenses would be covered. Either way, you should go through the Death Coverage clauses with your broker to verify all the conditions and procedures to follow were this to be the case.Some military life insurance providers will clear comment this scenario there as others won't.

What If I Have A Family?

In difficult moments, we try our best to keep your family’s interest at heart and respect their feelings in rough times. This wouldn’t be a moment to deal with paperwork, but to honour your life. Depending on your coverage, your family would be left with an assurance to ensure their financial stability and they would be able to cash out your policy.

How Can I Apply For Military Life Insurance Plan?

  • Mention the branch of the military where you serve and the job and tasks that you execute
  • Specify the years of service
  • Enumerate all goods and properties under your name
  • Claim your free gift if it is offered and if you're eligible

Can I Have Military Life Insurance Plan and Subscribe My Family to Life Insurance?

Yes, it is possible. While the possibility of including you in the same plan as your family given the different circumstances, it is possible to find a plan that fits their needs with the same company that takes care of your insurance.

How can I get Military Life Insurance now?

This one's easy! Click here to get yourself a free military life insurance quote.