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How to get life insurance as a smoker

It’s no secret that it is more difficult to get a life insurance for a smoker. However, there is definitely nothing stopping you from being able to obtain a policy - in fact, most 'normal' life insurance policies provide smoker friendly life insurance but simply place a higher premium on them.

What are My Options

Although it's not necessary to quit smoking before looking into life insurance, it can certainly help your chances of getting a policy and it can also help reduce any costs associated with your not so smoker friendly life insurance. Overall though, your insurance shouldn't be postponed, and although you may have a higher premium with life insurance for smokers, you'll at least know that you're covered in case the worst should happen.

Does Smoker Friendly Life insurance Only Cover Cigarette Smokers?

No. Some people smoke a pipe or chew tobacco. All of these are direct sources of nicotine and harm you in some shape or form, however, with their own specific symptoms and associated illnesses. Therefore, each case has to be studied separately by doctors and insurance agents to provide you with the best quote for life insurance for smokers in the UK.

How Much More Will I Have to Pay For Smoker friendly life insurance?

In the UK, Life Insurance for smokers is typically more expensive that non-smoker policies. As smoking has been identified as a key human carcinogen, smokers carry much higher risks of developing life-threatening diseases such as cancer and lung disease. Being realistic, smoker friendly life insurance can be almost twice as expensive as a non-smoker, which leads a lot of people to realise how risky the habit really is!

How Much Does Life Insurance For Smokers Usually Cover?

Coverage can range from £50,000 all the way to the millions - depending on many factors, and which provider is setting the coverage. Again, this is very similar to a standard policy, except it will cost more to take the life insurance for smokers out.

Will I Be Eligible for Smoker Friendly Life Insurance?

Every case is different, with many factors affecting a provider's decision:

  • Current or previous attempts to quit
  • Length of time smoking - and what age you started
  • Your current age - the older you are, the more at-risk you are to disease
  • Your family medical history
  • Your personal medical history
  • Amount of physical activity you perform in a week

Can I Change My Life Insurance for Smokers (UK) Plan If I Quit Smoking?

Yes. Some companies even consider that in their contracts at the moment of signing smoker friendly life insurance policy. However, it is important to consider that, once a smoker, there will still have been some form of damage done to your lungs that will need further inspection.

Luckily, this damage can be reversed over time, giving you a great opportunity to not only reduce your monthly premiums but also to help make you a healthier, happier person.

How can I get Life Insurance for Smokers in UK?

This one's easy! Click the button bellow to get yourself a free smoker friendly life insurance quote.

This review contains all the information about life insurance for smokers in the UK. If you're a smoker or recently quit, take a look at our free quotes now!