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How to get business life insurance

People say that money isn’t what matters the most – and we agree. When you start a business, you are putting all your efforts, savings, and most importantly, time. Being an employee stopped being enough, so you made the decision of setting out on a new journey.

Covering Your Business

Finding time and resources to put into a project is easier said than done. It is not quite about the investment; it has never been. Being your own boss and running everything now has its difficulties, but the perks will always be greater: own time-managing, administering, “making the big calls”, and having a say in where does your professional career go. Now you have the time to go on your dream vacations because you are your own manager. But who is going to protect your company? Life insurance for your business might be the perfect solution.

Business Life Insurance is about the protection of the business that you created, it doesn't matter if it's a small business life insurance or big, you will get covered. When you get a company life insurance policy, you are guaranteeing that all your time invested will be safe from harm.

Is Business Life Insurance worth it?

Imagine that you have a child. You nurture them, look after them, dedicate your effort to shape them into a good person. Suddenly, an accident occurs. They are badly injured. If you had had the possibility to secure your child, hadn’t you done it?

Now imagine that child is your business that you created from zero. How valuable is it to you? That is something determined by you. We will contact the best specialists in the market to get you the best company life insurance so you can rest assured knowing that we hold YOUR best interest at heart.

Does My Business Sector Determine My Eligibility?

It does not. Great businesses go from the fashion industry to the medical industry, all industries are eligible for company life insurance and protection. PureCover does not intend to tell you where to lead your business, our job is to assist you in protecting what you care for.

Is there Small Business Life Insurance available?

Yes, there is! PureCover has a long trajectory with small businesses. It isn’t necessary for a business to have decades in the market. Quantity does not mean quality! That's why we provide the best quotes on small business life insurance to cover your business as well as employees.

Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting Company Life Insurance

  • Show taxes reports up to date.
  • Have an established business, older than 2 years.
  • Prove rising sales within the previous year.

How Much Business Life Insurance Coverage is Available?

This will also vary greatly by plan and provider. Policies can be as low as £10,000 or well over £1 million. Generally speaking for a company life insurance, the higher your premium, the more coverage you will have.

How can I get covered now?

This one's easy! Click the button below to get yourself a free Business life insurance quote.

We hope you realised that there is no difference in small business life insurance or a large company life insurance, quality is what matters! If you want a quality quote, click the button below!