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How to get life insurance with a pre-existing condition

Many people with health problems wrongly assume that coverage is only available to fully fit candidates. However, everybody that wants to protect their life with a suitable insurance policy deserves to have that option. Gaining life insurance with pre-existing conditions is very possible. You just need to know where to look... at Pure Cover.

Can I Get a Life Insurance if I have a Pre Existing Condition?

Not everyone needs life insurance, especially when there are no dependents. But for anyone with loved ones, removing those financial burdens will make things a lot easier should the worst situations occur. For the sake of your loved ones as well as your personal emotions, the right insurance coverage can make a world of difference.

Everyone gets ill from time to time. For millions of people, though, those health conditions are permanent features. These can erect obstacles in many aspects of your life and may dictate the way that you live your life. However, they do not have to prevent you from gaining the peace of mind that life insurance for pre-existing conditions can provide.

The Types of Pre Existing Conditions

There are a number of common pre existing conditions that can be covered by this type of package. They include;

Not all life insurance providers do boast services for clients with health issues. Moreover, those that do, may offer criteria for issues that they will cover.

Some providers may deem other health issues to be a pre-existing condition. Generally speaking, though, you’ll be focused on the ones above.

How Does a Pre Existing Condition Impact My Coverage?

Having a smaller selection of providers to choose from makes it tougher to find a low price. More importantly, the declaration of a condition can bump up the price. This is because you are statistically a bigger risk.

The harsh reality of seeking life insurance with a pre-existing condition is that the process does become harder. This is especially true when you consider the price of your premiums.

Still, you cannot avoid declaring an issue as this may leave your package void.

Term Life or Whole Life Coverage?

The options may be compared to standard life insurance candidates, but you still deserve to find the right coverage. Packages can be broken down into finer points, but the main categories are term life’ and whole life’.

Term life packages are where you pay your premium for a set number of years (often 10) and will be paid out if anything happens at this time. However, if you do outlive the duration, there is no payment at the end of the term. Essentially, it will make your life insurance with the pre-existing condition last for the next few years.

Whole of life packages are where you keep paying until you pass away. While you will be paid out, the inevitability means that premiums can be more expensive while payouts can be less. On the other hand, you do bypass the idea of outliving your policy.

So, which life insurance is better for your pre-existing condition? In truth, that comes down to a variety of personal circumstances. From the number of dependents to financial commitments, weighing up the pros and cons is your only way to make a calculated decision.

What Else Should I Know?

When applying for life insurance with a pre-existing condition, you must also think about potential exclusions. Paying a premium when there’s a potential that you’ll be rejected or your family won’t get paid out simply isn’t an option.

On a separate note, you should be ready to disclose full details of your medical history. Not only will this ensure you get the best policy, but it also ensures that it remains valid.

How to Start your Application if You Have a Pre Existing Condition?

Regardless of what stage you’re at, there’s never been a better time to get your life insurance claim up and running. While it is quite a daunting prospect, especially with previously known health conditions, our experts make it a lot easier.

Take the first step today by clicking below. With our impartial reviews and support, finding the best plan will be simple.