About Us

Put your family’s future in the hands of someone you can trust. Choose Pure Cover.

Pure Cover helps you save time and money by finding you the best UK life insurance quotes possible. We work with top life insurance brokers and providers to provide you with bespoke quotes for your specific life insurance needs.

Who are we?

At Pure Cover, we work to find you the best deals on UK life insurance and provide you with personalised quotes that meet your needs.

We started up in 2017, with the goal of helping make the right choices when it comes to insurance. Our team is lead by Joe Davine – our life insurance specialist, and the primary author of Pure Cover’s content. We also work with FCA regulated brokers and partners, who search and compare insurance policies from the top UK insurers and work to find you the best deal.

Who's on the team?

Our team at Pure Cover is made up of a mixture of insurance and digital marketing specialists. Together we all combine to make the user experience of the site, from the layout to the informative content, as good as it can possibly be. Here are the great people that work every day to improve and expand the site:

Michael Charalambous - co-founder and CEO

Michael is Partner & Co-founder of Kinetic Investments, and is acting CEO of Pure Cover. With over a decade of experience creating and managing online businesses, from iGaming to online trading and finance, Michael is a digital marketing expert and provides vision for the team. He currently spearheads Pure Cover’s search department, partnerships, and overall growth plans. When away from his desk, Michael travels the world always seeking the next adventure, with a particular fondness for high octane activities and scuba diving to explore what lurks beneath the waves.

Social media: LinkedIn, Twitter

Joe Davine - co-founder & director

Joe is the co-founder and director of Pure Cover, and also serves as the site’s editor-in-chief. With a background in marketing, Joe has built up an expert knowledge of the insurance industry through working for a variety of top insurers and insurance comparison websites. He is dedicated to bringing people accurate information to help everyone be able to me informed choices about their insurance options, which is what led him to found Pure Cover. Outside of insurance, Joe is a keen musician, playing with a number of bands and recording many of his own songs. He’s also cultivated a passion for video games and you’ll often find him kicking back for a game of Super Smash Bros. with the Pure Cover team after work.

Social media: LinkedIn

Max Adams - senior editor

Max is the senior editor of Pure Cover. With editorial experience ranging across the arts, human rights, finance, cryptocurrency, and insurance, Max brings both a keen eye for detail and a variety of different perspectives to the team. He oversees the day-to-day running of the editorial team to ensure that all the content across Pure Cover remains informative, helpful, and up-to-date. When not at work, you can usually find Max at the theatre, a good bookshop, or hiking in the Scottish highlands.

Social media: LinkedIn, Twitter

Shailen Varsani - UX design & development

Shailen leads UX design and development for Pure Cover. With experience in UI, UX, and front-end design, along with an affinity for quality assurance, Shailen ensures that all users have a great experience on the site. He manages any design improvements or additions to Pure Cover, alongside making minor changes wherever and whenever they’re needed to improve user experience. When away from his Mac, Shailen’s major passions are underground dance music and fashion, so he’s hard to miss at a rave.

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Haydn Squibb - inbound marketing and relationships

Haydn manages inbound marketing and relationships for Pure Cover. With 6 years of digital marketing experience, working primarily across social media, outreach, and PR, Haydn brings an invaluable set of skills to the team. She maintains relationships with external partners, sources websites and influencers who would like to collaborate, and ensures that Pure Cover’s message is spread far and wide. Outside of office hours, Haydn is a successful food blogger, intrepid traveller, skilled photographer, and drone-flying enthusiast.

Social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram

Artiom Pucinskij - digital marketing

Artiom coordinates the digital marketing strategy for Pure Cover. A marketing graduate from the University of Portsmouth, Artiom’s primary experience is in search engine optimisation but he has a broad knowledge of all facets of digital marketing. He optimises the user experience on Pure Cover with the design team, manages and creates unique marketing tactics, and generally supports the overall growth of the website. After work, Artiom can usually be found relaxing in front of Marvel films or learning about the tech industry. He’s also a keen gamer who has completed every single Final Fantasy game and eagerly awaits the next one.

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Why Choose Pure Cover?

We save you time and money.

Finding the best life insurance policy can be a hassle, and you’ve probably got enough on your plate. There are so many different providers out there now that it can take weeks to comb through and compare them all. At Pure Cover, we’ve got a team of experts who have done the research for you. Let us take over, and we’ll save you time and money by finding you the best deal out there for your coverage needs.

We understand everyone is different.

If you're looking for a life insurance policy that is unique to your situation, we can help you find it. Our network of independent brokers, advisors and insurance providers understand all the details when it comes to life insurance, and they work with you personally to help you understand your policy options better. Having someone to answer your questions and offer unbiased guidance is priceless – especially when it's free.

We help get you the best deals.

Pure Cover is a third-party, so you never have to worry about whether or not we have your best interests at heart. We’re not trying to hit sales numbers or make commissions – we’re here to educate and connect you with the best provider for your needs. At Pure Cover, we don’t work for the insurance companies and we provide independent introductions to a range of experts who can help you find the best value life insurance for you.

How Does it Work?

Pure Cover makes the process of researching and finding the best life insurance plan fast and easy. It is important to note that we are not a life insurance provider. Rather, we are a third-party offering unbiased information, and we partner with a range of different providers to help you find maximum coverage for the best deal.

Fill in our application form.

Making an application for Life Insurance is simple - just fill out our quick form to start the process off.

We find you the best brokers.

A team of independent experts will contact you via phone to provide information and insurance choices depending on your survey answers.

You're Insured!

Once you've chosen the policy you want, you'll be sent the relevant details to get the insurance you're looking for.