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We know life insurance can be complicated, and with so much information out there it’s hard to know what to believe. At Pure Cover we’ve helped many customers find the right insurance policies for their needs, at prices they can afford. Here’s what they’ve had to say about their experiences with us:

I was extremely satisfied with how my husband’s arrangements were dealt with after he passed. It was one less thing I had to worry about, and it allowed me to spend more time with my daughter and grandchildren during a very difficult time in our lives.

Ruth Spencer-Moore


Pure Cover told me everything I needed to know to find the right policy. I’m extremely pleased to have finally found life insurance that fits my lifestyle, and Pure Cover made that happen.

John Pilsner


Since the birth of our daughter in January, my husband and I knew we had to get some sort of insurance. The monthly payment is really affordable, and I’m reassured by the amount of cover we were able to get. With Pure Cover, getting insured was surprisingly simple.

Fiona Davidson


I saved more money with purecover.co.uk than I would have by using other comparison sites, and got a great policy in no time at all. Getting a quote was quick and easy, I highly recommend using Pure Cover!

Lim Wei Shen


Peter Robinson - Peterborough, United Kingdom

After my elderly parents asked me to find them a life insurance policy, I didn’t know where to begin. Luckily, I found Pure Cover. It’s a relief to find a website that tells me what I need to know, without trying to sell me extra features I don’t need. They explained everything I needed to know and helped me find a policy that fits around my parents’ needs and budget.

Ramon Brooks - Salisbury, United Kingdom

Finally, a site that speaks to me in plain and simple English! I thought getting life insurance at my age would be near impossible and really expensive. Pure Cover guided me through it and now I have good coverage with a policy I can afford.

Luca Cole - Bradford, United Kingdom

It’s a relief to find a website that tells me what I need to know, and focuses on helping me find the right policy rather than pushing the most expensive one. Thanks for the help Pure Cover!

Georgia Whittaker - London, United Kingdom

Pure cover is really simple and easy to use, I travel a lot for work, but I didn’t have time to hunt around for the best international life insurance policy. Pure Cover helped make finding a great policy quick and painless, so I could get on with the important stuff.

Each one of these comments means a great deal to us here at Pure Cover. We take pride in the level of service we offer our users, and endeavour to help every person cut through the jargon to find the right insurance policy. If you're looking for a policy and feeling lost, our guides and reviews will take you through everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision.

Whatever your budget and personal circumstances, we'll help you find the best insurance policy for you.

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