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How to get multi-trip travel insurance

If you’re planning on taking multiple holidays throughout the course of a year, then a multi-trip travel insurance policy could save you both time and money. We’ll take you through all the benefits of multi-trip insurance right here so you can decide if it’s the right type of travel insurance policy for you.

What is multi-trip travel insurance?

Multi-trip travel insurance is exactly what it sounds like: one policy that lasts a year and provides cover for multiple trips during that time. Taking out a multi-trip policy saves the hassle of booking travel insurance for every trip you take, and will also typically work out cheaper if you take more than two trips over the course of a year.

There are a variety of different multi-trip travel insurance policies available, depending on where you’re planning to travel and what you want to be covered for. We’ll take you through all your options so you can get the right policy.

What does it cover?

Multi-trip travel insurance offers similar coverage to regular one-off policies. In most policies you will find provision for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Repatriation costs
  • Personal liability
  • Holiday cancellations
  • Lost luggage

If you want to have a more comprehensive level of cover, then you can find policies that will also include:

  • Cover for your valuables
  • Legal cover

How many trips can I take in a year, and how long can they be?

With most multi-trip travel insurance policies, the amount of trips you can take over the course of a year is unlimited. This isn’t the case for all insurers, so be sure to check before taking out a policy.

What tends to vary more between travel insurers is how long each individual trip can be. It’s common for the maximum length of an individual trip to be 31 consecutive days, but it’s possible to find multi-trip policies that allow you to take trips of up to 90 days at a time.

The length of trips allowed can also be age-dependent, with the limit being shorter as you get older. It’s also worth noting that if you’re trying to get an multi-trip travel insurance policy that covers sports such as skiing, you will need to take out additional cover. There will typically be a limit to the number of days you can travel for this purpose across the year.

Where can I travel with multi-trip insurance?

You can get multi-trip travel insurance policies that allow you to travel anywhere, but it will depend on the type of policy you take out. The three main policy options are:

  • Europe. These policies will cover you for travel in any European country over the course for a year. This is the cheapest type of multi-trip insurance policy.
  • Worldwide (excluding USA, Canada, and the Caribbean). With this type of policy, you will be insured for travel anywhere outside of North America and the Carribean over the course of a year.
  • Worldwide (including USA, Canada, and the Caribbean). This is the most comprehensive type of multi-trip policy. You will be covered wherever you travel (unless you plan on undertaking any extreme or winter sports, in which case you will need a specific policy to cover these activities).


A multi-trip travel insurance will not be valid in some countries if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against all but essential travel to that area, so check before going on your trip.

The reasons this usually happens are if there’s an active warzone or foreign nationals have been kidnapped in the area recently.

How much does multi-trip travel insurance cost?

This will depend on a variety of factors, such as your age and which type of multi-trip insurance cover you take out. The more countries your policy covers you for, the more expensive it will be; the cheapest policies are those that cover European travel, while the most expensive are those that cover worldwide travel including the USA, Canada, and the Carribean.

Generally you can expect an annual European multi-trip policy to cost in the region £20-£30, and a worldwide policy is likely to cost between £40 and £50. This may seem a lot to pay at once, but if you’re going to be taking more than two trips in a year, it is highly likely to be cheaper than taking out individual policies for each holiday.

Why should I get an annual travel insurance policy?

It depends on how often you’re planning on travelling throughout the year. If you’re likely to go on holiday more than twice across the course of the year, then a multi-trip policy is likely not only to save you the stress of booking travel insurance individually for each trip, but also work out cheaper as well.

Make sure you know where you’re planning to travel when you take out a policy though, as if your policy only covers travel in Europe and you want to holiday somewhere else, then you will need to take out another travel insurance policy to cover that trip.

Do I need travel insurance if I have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?

Yes, even if you have a European Health Insurance Card it’s still a good idea to take out a travel insurance policy. This is because an EHIC only covers basic medical expenses, and it won’t help you pay any repatriation costs if you get seriously ill. Travel insurance policies typically provide medical cover that runs into the millions of pounds, to make sure there will be no financial issues in the unfortunate event you require serious medical attention.

Additionally, travel insurance policies provide more coverage than simply paying for any medical treatment you require. A multi-trip policy will also provide insurance to protect you in the case that your holiday gets cancelled, your baggage is lost, or some of your personal valuables are stolen.

Your European Health Insurance Card will also only offer you medical cover when you are travelling in Europe. If you’re planning on travelling anywhere else in the world, you will need to have a travel insurance policy to have any financial support for medical bills at all.

Will I need to take out extra cover for sports trips?

Yes, standard multi-trip travel insurance policies will not provide coverage for any dangerous activities or sports. If you wish to be covered for these activities then you will need to take out additional cover, which will raise the cost of your insurance.

If you’re taking out extra cover for winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, then it’s common for the number of days you can spend doing these activities to be limited across the year. For instance, you may not be allowed to spend more than 18 days on the slopes across the course of the year for which the policy lasts.

Sports travel insurance also tend to be more tailored to your needs. For instance, many golf insurance policies offering extra protection for your clubs and cover for the event that you are unable to play either due to the weather or sickness.

Where can I find the best multi-trip policy?

We can help with that. Here at Pure Cover we’ve taken the time to review all of the best annual multi-trip travel insurance policies, so you can find the right one for you. We’ll help guide you through the benefits of each policy, so you can find the right cover at a great price.

Where can I get a quote now?

Right here. If you’re ready to get a multi-trip quote then click the link below and one of our trusted insurers will help you find a quote in minutes!