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The different options when it comes to life insurance

Finding the best types of life insurance isn’t as difficult as you might initially think. Yet, it is crucial to get started by understanding the different types of life insurance policies.

The good news is that this isn’t too difficult to do. By understanding a few basic principles you will feel able to choose wisely in order to get the level of protection and peace of mind that you need.

Term Life Cover

The simplest and easiest type of life insurance policy to explain are term cover policies. Out of all the types of life insurance policies, this one is ideal to cover a loan such as a mortgage, as it only runs for a set period of time such as 10, 20 or 30 years.

Term life cover is generally very affordable, above all if you take it out while you are young and healthy. The cost will increase over the years but it typically remains good value at just about any age.

Decreasing Cover

There are a few different decreasing cover types. The option of an amount that decreases over time is often found with term life insurance policies. This simply means that the pay-out on death is at a higher value at the start but then drops gradually over time.

There are a number of reasons for choosing a decreasing policy. For instance, you may be paying off a loan that you owe less on each month or you might feel that your family is going to be less dependent upon your income over time.

Whole of Life Cover

Unlike term cover, a whole of life policy is designed to run during the whole time that you are alive. This means that it is ideal if you want to take out some form of cover that you are sure will pay out at some point.

This is something that could also be looked on as a type of investment, as it can typically be cashed in while you are alive if you want to free up cash for some reason. It is likely to cost more than a term policy because of the extra features, but many people decide that it is worth paying more for.

No Medical Life Cover

For some people it is important to take out types of life insurance policies that they can set up without undergoing a medical. This might be simply because they want to avoid spending the time arranging this or the inconvenience of taking time off work to do it.

Thankfully, no medical cover types are common these days and can be sorted out simply. It is far more likely that you will be able to get term life insurance policy without undergoing a medical, although theoretically any type of insurance policy could be arranged in this way if the insurer is happy with the risk.

Burial Costs Life Insurance Policy Types

A big worry for a lot of people is around how their family will pay for their burial costs once they are gone. This is the kind of concern that can grow and grow over the years until it ends up as a major headache.

A burial life insurance policy type would simply be any kind of small life policy that provides a small amount of money that can be used to pay for the funeral of the insured person up front. These are typically inexpensive to arrange due to the small figures involved.

How can I get covered now?

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