Pure Cover’s claims process

As we do not offer any insurance policies ourselves, we are unable to process any claims you need to make through your insurance.

We will, however, always be on hand to provide advice on what to do in the event you need to make a claim, especially if you’ve taken out a policy through one of our partners. If you have any questions, then drop us an email or open up a live chat and we’ll do whatever we can to assist you.

What to do if you need to make a claim

What you will need in order to make a claim will depend on the type of insurance and the specific policy you have take out. If you’re seeking any medical or veterinary treatment, then be sure to tell the doctor or vet that you have insurance and make sure you get all the documentation and receipts you may need to help you with your claim. Also, make sure you’re covered for private medical care before undergoing any treatment.

Always be sure to report anything for which you may need to make a claim to your insurer at the earliest possible moment, as this will speed up the process. And if you took out your policy through a broker rather than directly with the insurance company, then call the broker before calling the company, as they will be able to find your details more easily.

Exactly how the claims process works will depend on the insurer, but these are the kind of documents you will want to have to hand:

Don’t panic

Contrary to popular belief, insurance companies typically pay out on more than 95% of claims. Make sure to document everything and explain the reason for your claim clearly to the insurer, and you shouldn’t have any problem receiving the money you’re owed.