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Getting accidental death insurance

About 20% of the UK population has a strong phobia of death – necrophobia, it is called. Most affirm that one of their biggest source of concern is not knowing what will happen after they are gone.

Help Your Family

While slightly morbid to think about, it is thoughtful to consider your family and what happens to it when you die. Will they be okay? Are they going to have to work? Who is going to take care of the main expenses? The simple answer would be to consider death insurance policies.

What must be taken into account is if your death insurance plan covers accidental death insurance or burial insurance services. Most life-term plans do, but it isn’t always the case. In a way, accidental death insurance is an ace under the sleeve that wouldn’t hurt to have around.

What Is AD&D? Is It Included?

“Accidental Death and Dismemberment” is a different name by which some refer to Death Insurance Coverage. While death is included in your plan, some companies vary the conditions of accidental death insurance services. For example: if you perform a dangerous job, are constantly exposed to risk, an accident occurs, you may have problems with the accidental death insurance if it wasn’t specified in your contract or if this task was on the companies list of exceptions. Now, with most of the companies, if you see yourself in the situation of having a fatal accident, the amount of money you get could be duplicated or triplicated. Some death insurances also cover funeral plan costs, ultimately saving your family the time and money in the worse case scenario

Why would I pay a premium for Death Insurance?

Some people argue that if you die, your family will get the money regardless of the other plans. But imagine that your jobs haven’t been the best and your family needs all the help they can get, especially if you parted in an accident, which is something completely unexpected. Since you cannot predict the future and whether they will manage or not, it is cautious to evaluate all the possible outcomes and apply for a free accidental life insurance quote.

Isn’t it the same as a Life Term Insurance?

No. While the vast majority of life term plan insurances include death insurance coverage, obtaining a death coverage covers exclusively the funerary arrangements. Sometimes burial insurance is a part of your plan as well. If you also want to be protected in case of illnesses and accidents that aren’t life-threatening or fatal, it would be necessary to make adjustments to your accidental death insurance policy to confirm this coverage.

What about suspicious deaths

Some people under this policies are critically ill and try to “exploit” the condition to move the process forward and undergo procedures like euthanasia. While it is legal in some countries of the European Union, it’s important to keep in mind that this would be a violation of the death insurance contract and, therefore, would be catalogued as fraud, causing the annulment of the policy and leaving the family helpless.

How Much Does Death Insurance Cover?

The average funeral service in the UK, arranged in a general way, costs about £3,750. Most death and accidental death insurance policies cover between £3,500 and £12,500.

Is this type of Insurance Expensive?

No! You can get death and accidental insurance deals for less than £120! Just keep in mind that it can vary depending on the company, your personal needs, and your characteristics.

What is Burial Insurance?

Burial Insurance refers to a whole of life insurance policy with an incline to a death benefit. Burial Insurance provides money for funeral and burial expenses. Losing someone is a heavily traumatic experience and a lot of stress, to avoid spending cover of death insurance and having even more problems to deal with, burial insurance can be used to cover this costs. It doesn't matter if an accident or death insurance was purchased, burial insurance will cover the cost of the funeral too. Some policies can cover individual people whereas other quotes can cover whole families and couples.

How can I get covered now?

This one's easy! Click the button below to get yourself a free death and accidental death insurance quote.