Insurance policy needs differ for each and everyone of us, so follow our life’s journey infographic to see where and when you should be updating your policies.

This infographic was put together with the results from a survey run by ourselves and sourced from readily available studies from across the web.

When it comes to insurance there’s a vast array of policies to suit all your needs throughout your life's journey, whether it’s life insurance when buying your first home, making sure the newest addition to your family - be it a child or a pet - is fully covered, or preparing your loved ones for when you pass away.

But, just how much does the general public really know about insurance? How much is paid in claims each year? When should you be changing your policies? And what can insurance really help with? Our team looked to valuable sources, as well as doing their own nationwide research, and found some shocking facts about insurance, that are shown in our infographic below.

With £4.6bil a year being paid out in life insurance, would you know what to claim for, what would void your policy, or how insurance could help you through a loss of a job or illness? No? With 44% of Brits unable to cover their household bills if they became unwell, and 66% without financial support in place to offset the cost of looking after a sick child if they could no longer work, it’s time to get educated.

But it doesn’t stop at life insurance, among the cheapest of all insurance policies is travel insurance. In 2017, travel insurance paid out around £1 million every day, to help 480,000 travellers and their families - with 54% of all claims being attributed to emergency medical treatment. Yet 9.9mil Brits who travelled abroad in the last year did so without any travel insurance.

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The Average Life Insurance Journey

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