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Review of Cigna Life Insurance

Cigna life insurance is well known in the insurance industry. They offer one life insurance product for those who are 50-75 years of age. The policy is affordable and easy to apply for online with no medical required.

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  • Online application, no paperwork
  • Simple application process
  • No Whole of Life policy options
  • Not all Critical Illnesses are covered.

About Cigna

Cigna Life Insurance boasts of being able to give 30% more cover on their 50+ Guaranteed Acceptance Whole of Life policies than others in the marketplace.

They offer several Protection Plans. These plans can assist you financially with Mortgage, Accidental Death, and Personal Accident incidents.

Insurance Options: Our Honest Breakdown

Cigna Life Insurance offers one plan. They do however offer many Protection plans that cover a variety of different situations.

50+ Life Plan

Cigna Life Insurance plan offers up to £40,000 payout in the event of the insureds death. There is no waiting period and coverage begins instantaneously after the application is approved. The application can be done online or over the phone and does not require a medical, only four health questions. Those who are healthy and do not smoke are able to have a higher covers with Cigna life insurance quotes. Premiums are fixed and will cease when the insured turns 90 years of age.

Mortgage Payment Protection Plan

This policy is not life based insurance, but it will help assist you with mortgage payments. You can apply if you are between the ages of 18 and 64, have a mortgage, and live and work in the UK. It is activated by a disability or if you become unemployed. Some restrictions apply.

Cigna life insurance provides excess coverage choice from “Day 1” up to 90 days before benefit kicks in. The daily benefit will pay 1/30 of the monthly payment for each day you are off work. It will pay until you return to work up to 12 months of coverage. Monthly benefits up to £2500 available.

Personal Accident Products

These low-cost stand-alone plans have high-value benefits. They can also be purchased attached to a bank account or another core insurance product.

Health Cash Plan

This protection plan by Cigna life insurance, offers a payout for prescription charges, optical visits, and dental charges. Premiums are tier rated but fixed after purchase.

Surgery Cash Plan

This protection plan pays out in the event of the insured needing a surgical procedure. This plan is three-tiered; Silver, Gold, or Platinum. With a max benefit of £10,000. It is available to those 18-69 years of age with no medical required. Preexisting conditions, however, are subject to a 24 month waiting period. Premiums start at £7 per month.

Road Travel and Accident Plan

This protection plan covers the insured whilst traveling. It provides financial assistance in the event of bodily injury due to an accident. Covering death, disability, and hospitalization, with a variety of options to match lifestyle and budget.


Cigna Life Insurance 50+ is designed for affinity partners, such as banks, to offer their members a simple guaranteed acceptance life policy to protect their investments.

Cigna has many other products. They offer Protections Plans, Travelers Insurance, and Legal Protection Services.